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Transform Your Yard with Our Comprehensive Yard Work and Maintenance Solutions

Elevate the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space with our expert yard work services. From general yard work and high weed mowing to gutter cleaning and yard waste removal, we've got you covered!

  • All-inclusive General Yard Work: Our team of specialists covers a wide range of yard work tasks, such as brush removal, bush trimming, branch pruning, and leaf removal, ensuring your outdoor space remains neat and visually appealing throughout Sonoma County.
  • Efficient Yard Waste Removal: Our yard waste removal service operates 7 days a week to clear any unwanted green waste from your property and dispose of it responsibly, allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free outdoor space.
  • Expert High Weed Mowing: As Sonoma County's leading high weed mowing service, our experienced team swiftly clears tall weeds from your property, reducing fire hazards and ensuring compliance with fire department regulations.
  • Thorough Gutter Cleaning: Maintain proper drainage and protect your home from damage with our residential gutter cleaning service across Sonoma County. We recommend seasonal cleanings to ensure your gutters and roof remain in top condition.
  • Comprehensive Wood Debris Removal: Whether it's old trees, rotting firewood, or a scattered woodpile, our wood debris removal service is ready to tackle any wood-related challenges on your property.
  • Hassle-Free Dirt Removal: Our dirt removal service, available for residential property owners in Sonoma County, provides an easy solution for clearing unwanted dirt. With our hard-working crew, heavy-duty equipment, and lift gate-fitted trucks, we make dirt removal a breeze.
  • Effective Brush/Thrush Removal: Our team is equipped to handle even the toughest brush, high weeds, and thrush, including invasive plants such as vines, blackberry bushes, and bamboo. We'll cut them down, dig them up, and haul them away to create a more pleasant outdoor space.

General Yard Work

If you need a hand with general yard work, we can help you with just about all aspects of yard work, including hauling away yard waste after we are done. We can remove brush, trim bushes, trim branches, remove leaves, haul away dirt and much more. Our Santa Rosa yard work services are available throughout all of Sonoma County. We also offer yard maintenance services for both residential properties and large parcels. If you are looking for the best lawn care, lawn mowing and bi-weekly yard maintenance in Sonoma County, give us a call. We will show up on time and always do a great job. We have a team of yard work specialists ready to help keep your yard looking great. If you need a hand with general yard work, call 707-222-JUNKl for a free quote!

707-222-JUNK helps you with general yard work, including hauling away yard waste to keep your yard looking great
Our team of High Weed Mowers are readily available to knock out your weeds in no time at all

High Weed Mowing

We are Sonoma County’s premier high weed mowing service. We have been high mowing weeds in Sonoma County for years. We have the experience and know how to get your property cleaned fast! High weeds are a fire hazard! Most Fire Departments ask those with high weeds to mow them down. Some Fire Departments will issues fines, after an initial warning is given. Our Santa Rosa based high weed mowing services are available 7 days a week, weather permitting. We have a team of high weed mowers readily available to knock out your weeds in no time at all. The best part of our service is that we will remove the plant yard waste and give it to our goats who thank you in advance! If you need your high weeds mowed fast, give us call today!

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean is a necessity for making sure you have proper drainage. We offer a residential gutter cleaning service in Santa Rosa. We offer our gutter cleaning service to any location in Sonoma County. Clogged gutter systems can back up your drainage and cause your gutters and roof to rot. We recommend using our gutter cleaning service once in the spring and again before the winter. We will arrive with a team and get the job done efficiently. Our gutter cleaning service is second to none. We offer free quotes and the best part is that you can email us or text us pictures of your house for an even easier estimate!

Residential Gutter Cleaning Service will make sure you have clean gutters and a proper drainage
Our Yard Waste Removal will remove anything that is on your property that you no longer want

Yard Waste Removal

We love helping people with cleaning up their green yard waste. We have a staff of yard work and yard waste removal specialists ready to show up at your property 7 days a week. If you have yard waste that needs to be removed, let us do it for you. We can pick up existing waste and dispose of it properly. We also offer yard work and yard maintenance services too. Our yard work services include high weed mowing, trimming bushes/plants, pruning branches, removing brush, getting rid of thrush, hand weed pulling, dirt removal, and more. Our yard waste removal service will remove anything that is on your property that you no longer want. call 707-222-JUNK today!

We also offer a regular bi-weekly yard maintenance service where we will come out, mow your lawn, edge your lawn, remove weeds, keep the bushes tidy, and more. Our bi-weekly yard maintenance and gardening services are very affordable and we work harder than our competition. On our first cleaning, we will always be sure to go the extra mile for you. It is our goal to leave a lasting impression and maintain a professional relationship! Call us today if you are seeking regular lawn care and gardening services. You will be glad you did!

Wood Debris Removal

Got wood debris? Old trees, rotting firewood, or a woodpile somewhere that needs removing? We got you covered. Our services include wood debris removal!

Professional Wood Debris Removal Services to clients across Santa Rosa, California
707-222-JUNK's Lift Gate Fitted Trucks make getting rid of dirt easy

Dirt Removal

Do you have dirt that needs to be removed? Our Sonoma County dirt removal service is the perfect solution for residential property owners. We will arrive on time and ready to shovel. We have a hard-working crew, heavy-duty gardening tools, and wheel barrels. Our lift gate fitted trucks make getting rid of dirt no problem at all!. We will come over and shovel it, load it up, and remove it for you. When it comes to dirt hauling and dirt removal, no one beats 707-222-JUNK!

Brush/Thrush Removal

If you have small brush, high weeds, or tough thrush that needs to be removed, we can handle it all. We can get rid of vines, blackberry bushes, raspberry bushes, bamboo, and plants that are taking up space. We will cut them down, dig them up and haul them off.

707-222-JUNK will cut down small brush, high weeds or tough thrush, dig them up and haul them off

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