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Residential Junk Removal - The Ultimate Solution to Unwanted Clutter

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our residential junk removal services, designed to tackle all types of clutter and create a cleaner, more organized living space.

  • Appliance Removal: We provide hassle-free removal and delivery of appliances throughout Sonoma County, including old stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and responsible appliance disposal services.
  • Furniture Removal: Our expert furniture removal crew handles single items or multiple pieces for residential and commercial clients, including office equipment, computers, electronics, stands, cases, shelving, cubicles, and more.
  • Mattress Removal: Simplify mattress disposal with our convenient pickup and haul-away services, ensuring you don't have to deal with the cumbersome task yourself.
  • Carpet Removal: Let our experienced junk haulers remove old, space-consuming carpets from your home or business quickly and efficiently. We offer competitive quotes and commercial carpet removal services as well.
  • Hot Tub/Spa Removal: Reclaim your outdoor space by letting our professional junk removal technicians remove and dispose of non-working, old hot tubs or spas, regardless of their condition.
  • Television Removal: Schedule our fast, easy, and affordable television removal service to dispose of old or unused TVs, LCDs, and computer monitors, ensuring proper electronic waste recycling.
  • Concrete Removal: Our strong staff can handle heavy concrete cleanup and removal, ensuring your property remains safe and visually appealing.
  • Misc Junk/Rubbish Removal: Schedule our junk removal pick-up service to efficiently clear your property for any miscellaneous junk that's difficult to describe.
  • Household Trash Removal: When household trash accumulates over time, trust our reliable service to remove the excess and restore your living space.
  • Remodel/Renovation Debris: Save time and effort by letting our junk removal service handle leftover renovation debris, promptly taking it to the dump for you.
  • Electronic Waste Removal: Dispose of electronic waste responsibly with our convenient pickup and removal service, ensuring compliance with relevant disposal laws.
  • Scrap Metal Removal: Trust our professional junk hauling technicians to dispose of potentially dangerous scrap metal safely, keeping your property clean and secure.
707-222-JUNK will remove old appliances and deliver your new appliances from any store in Sonoma County

Appliance Removal

We can help you remove old appliances and deliver your new appliances from any store in Sonoma County. Some of the most popular appliance removal services are old stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. We also offer appliance disposal services. We will pick up, disconnect and dispose of any appliances on your property. Please note that extra disposal fees may apply because Sonoma County Disposal (The Dumps) requires additional fees. If you have an appliance that needs removal and hauling to the nearest junkyard, give 707-222JUNK a Call today!

Furniture Removal

Call the furniture removal experts in Sonoma County for a free quote because we can remove all types of furniture. Our furniture removal crew is can rid your property of single items or multiple furniture items. Our services are offered to both residential and commercial clients. We help people get rid of old couches, beds, dressers, tables, chairs, and more. Our commercial furniture removal services can remove the same types of furniture and more, including Office Equipment, Computers, Electronics, Stands, Cases, Shelving, Cubicles, and more! If you have heavy furniture that needs to be moved, we can do that too! Whatever residential furniture removal or office furniture needs you have, 707-222-Junk can help you remove it all!

Santa Rosa based 707-222-JUNK will get rid of your property of single items or multiple furniture items
707-222-JUNK will remove your old mattress or help you pick up a new one in Santa Rosa

Mattress Removal

Ever wonder what is the easiest way to dispose of an old mattress? You are not alone! Let us remove your old mattress or help you pick up a new one. At 707-222-Junk, we haul old mattresses off to the dump, so you don’t have to. We can arrive at your site, get the mattress and take it downstairs if needed. If you are looking to purchase a new mattress or bed set, we can help too! Call us up and we can meet you at the store. Our guys are strong and can help you set it up. For a free mattress removal & disposal quote, give 707-222-Junk a Call today!

Carpet Removal

Old carpet is the worst and it consumes so much space! If you have old carpet laying around or just collecting dust, we can remove it for you. Our junk haulers are experienced carpet removal experts. Let us get rid of that old carpet from your home or business. Call 707-222-JUNK to get your old carpet removed fast! We offer free, no-obligation quotes. We are so confident that our carpet removal services are exactly what you need, we will beat any of our competitors’ quotes. Just bring us a written quote and we will beat it!

We also offer commercial carpet removal services. We can rip it out of your commercial space and haul it away, saving you time & money! The benefits of us pulling it up and removing it means that your new carpet quote will be more affordable from the carpet contractor of your choice.

Our Junk Haulers are Carpet Removal Experts and will get rid of that old carpet from your home or business
Hot Tub/Spa Removal Services will pick old Hot Tub or Spa that no longer works and take it off your hands

Hot Tub/Spa Removal

The worst part about having a non-working, old hot tub is the space it takes up. It can definitely be an eyesore that can sit there for years and it can get worse over time. Before you know it, vegetation grows around, slimy green algae appears and you are left just wishing it away. Well, wish it away no longer!

If you have an Old Hot Tub or Spa that no longer works, we can pick it and take it off your hands, in any condition. We have the manpower to carry it and load it up on our Junk Removal truck. Let our professional junk removal technicians do all the work for you!

We also offer Hot Tub / Spa delivery services. We can pick it up from the store of your choice and delivery it to your location of choice. Or perhaps you are looking to buy a used hot tub from a private owner or off of craigslist? If you are, we can schedule a time to meet you there, pick it up and deliver the hot tub to your house. We will even lift it and put it where you want it on your property. At 707-222-Junk, we provide you with a helping hand that easily gets the job done.

Television Removal

If you have any old or unused televisions, LCDs, or computer monitors that need recycling, let us do all the work for you. We can schedule a time to come over and dispose of all your electronic waste. We take all kinds of TVs from older tube sets to large projection sets, we get rid of it fast. No job is too big or small. We even dispose of old computer monitors. Our television removal service is fast, easy and most importantly, it is affordable!

If you are looking to purchase new electrical equipment or computer equipment, we can help you deliver it to your location of choice. We can pick up and deliver your new television from any store in Sonoma County. You can rest assured knowing our trucks feature lift gates to minimize the risk and our drivers will drive extra cautiously. If you don’t own a truck or if your new television set doesn’t fit in your car, give us a call. We want to help you!

707-222-JUNK will take care of any old or unused televisions, Lcds or computer monitors that need recycling
Efficient and professional Concrete Removal services for a clean and safe environment in Santa Rosa

Concrete Removal

Concrete is heavy. Broken concrete can be a sight for sore eyes and a hazard if you have young children. Our big, strong staff can come over and clean it all up for you. Leave all the heavy lifting to us. We will pick it up, clean it up and haul it away.

Misc Junk/Rubbish Removal

Do you have miscellaneous junk that you just can’t describe? We understand and are here to help. Just schedule our junk removal pick-up service and we will get the job done. We are rubbish removal experts! We can help you rid yourself of any junk, so you can move on with your life. Don’t do it yourself, let 707-222-JUNK get rid of your problem.

Misc Junk and Rubbish Removal Services will clear away unwanted items with ease and efficiency
Reliable Household Trash Removal Services for a Clean and Tidy Home in Santa Rosa

Household Trash Removal

Sometimes household trash just builds up and over time it accumulates. Eventually, it will cause you discomfort and need to be removed. No problem. Just give 707-222-JUNK a call and we will rid you of the mess!

Remodel/Renovation Debris

If you remodeled and still have extra debris laying around, we can help get rid of it. Call 707-222-JUNK today! Our Junk Removal service will arrive on time and take your renovation leftovers to the dump for you. Let us save you the time and hassle of cleaning up. All you have to do is Call 707-222-JUNK

Junk Removal Services will arrive on time and take your renovation leftovers to the dump for you
Dependable Electronic Waste Removal Services to keep your Home or Business safe and clean

Electronic Waste Removal

Electronic waste removal is no problem with 707-222-JUNK. Let us get rid of your old electronic waste. We can pick it up, remove it and dispose of it properly. There are laws associated with the disposal of certain electrical items, hire us and we will handle all of the details for you.

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